Former participants in our lecture programme

Dr. Vickie Pasterski - Gender Identity Specialist

Mr. Richard Jones, Dr. Michael Reiterer – present and former EU Heads of Delegation.

Avv. Carla Del Ponte – UN War Crimes Prosecutor.

Pascal Couchepin – Former Federation President.

Mrs. Betty King – US UN Ambassador.

Michael Haefliger – Intendant, Lucerne Festival.

Dr. Agostino Mattei – Specialist in robot-assisted surgery.

David Lane – The Economist Rome correspondent, Berlusconi Author.

Anton Mosimann – international restaurateur.

Dr. Renzo Simoni – Alptransit CEO.

Dr. Andre Schneider – WEF CEO.

Daisy Gilardi – professional Antarctic photographer.

Rolph Zibung – Bucherer Chief Diamond Buyer.

Dr. Luciano Wannesson – Head of Oncology, IOSI.

Marc Michel-Amadry – Sothebys Switzerland Managing Director.

Marco Solari – President, Locarno International Film Festival.

Sergio Savoia – WWF Director, European Alpine Programme.

Alexandre Liebeskind – Presidential Asst., Int'l Committee of the Red Cross.

David Willey OBE, Imogen Foulkes – Italian and Swiss BBC correspondents.

Werner Kropik – Swiss and Italian TV and travel film producer.

Prof. Jonathan Steinberg – U. of Pennsylvania and Cambridge – modern history.

Dr. Giovanni Pedrazzi – Head of Cardiac Surgery, Ticino Cardiocentro.

Donald S. Beyer, Suzan LeVine – U.S. Ambassadors to CH and Liechtenstein.

John Axelrod – International Orchestral Conductor.

Laurent Sauveur – Swiss Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Carlo Ossola – Swiss national Rep. on UNESCO World heritage Site Committee.

Arancha Gonzales – Executive Director, International Trade Centre (UN/WTO)

James Gaffigan – Resident Conductor, Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

Diccon Bewes – best-selling author of books about Switzerland.

Ellen Wallace – expert and author on Swiss wines.

H.E. David Moran – British Ambassador to CH and Liechtenstein.

Nicolas Pernot – Photographer and writer.

Camilla Bernbach –Jakob Schlaepfer Chief Embroiderer.

Christian Sciullo – Google European Cloud Platform Leader.

Dr.Dennis Oswald, Swiss Representative on the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy, international orchestral conductor and pianist

Dr. Mauro Dell'Ambrogio, Federal State Secretary for Innovation, Education and Research

Richard Wherlock, Director Basel Ballet

Professor John Ellis, Clark Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at Kings College

Edward McMullen Jr. , US Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Prof. Boas Erez - Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Mrs Jane Owen, HM British Ambassador

Mr Benjamin Koch - Partner & Leader Transfer Pricing & Leader on Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution, Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Mr Thomas Ide - The Whisky Chamber