Dear club members

We have had two years of the pandemic and now, unfortunately, the world feels as if it is out of sync.

We all need a good dose of the feel-good factor and that is why it is so important to be able to spend a couple of hours with friends. We have over the past months with our club enjoyed several "feel-good" moments. From our "Walk with Katy" to our "Culture Club” activities. Our lectures, coffee mornings, 10000 steps and dinners and yesterday late afternoon our aperitif at the Casino Locarno, which was our last event before the summer, break.

50 members attended and we can confidently say "Full house". Thank you to all the members who joined us. It was a real


For those of you who could not attend and for those of you who attended, here some photos of our event!

My prescription for all of you is "GET HAPPY!" - HAPPINESS is the secret to good health, joy and a multitude of other feelings. Let us enjoy the summer months and when we meet again in September, I am sure that we will all have stories to tell and that we will be ready to enjoy the activities the club will be able to offer!

Just to keep you excited, I am thinking of organizing an "ABBA" event; so you might want to check your storage rooms for platform shoes, flare trousers and big wigs.

Wishing you all a 


Very best wishes


Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno